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        Yuhuan Xunqi valve manufacturing co., LTD., is located in known as "the pearl of the east China sea known as the" China valve city "- zhejiang yuhuan, connected to the open city of wenzhou and ningbo, land, sea and air transportation is convenient, is advantageous" land of fish and rice "the company is a professional engaged in copper valves, brass fitting and other copper products design and development, production and service enterprises Mature company technology development capabilities, production manufacturing capacity is strong, with perfect design and processing testing process, all in strict accordance with ISO9001; 2000 international standard quality system execution

        The company mainly produces products include copper ball valve water mouth Angle valve globe valve check valve is various such as pieces of copper tube series, many varieties and sizes, and beautiful shape good performance Are of good quality Reliable seal sex Strong and durable products have been exported to five continents over 20 countries and regions, favored by the majority of customers

        The development of the company philosophy is "quality first, reputation first", the company all staff regard quality as the lifeline, adheres to the tenet of shaping the high-quality goods, make the product innovation, the quality and cheap products dedication to our customers, the company sincerely welcome friends at home and abroad to guide, to create

        Add:Yuhuan county, zhejiang province town of Truman Peng Zhai industrial zone Tell:86-576-87442638 87448847 Fax:86-576-87417538 Email:eleven@www.alv-france.com

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